Date Night: Hit By Surprise

Last night was me and my mom's date night. We went to have a relaxing talk over a slice of carrot cake at A La Creme, Nepo Quad. We talked on updates about my sisters (since I'm full time watching over them), marriage, house, projects, etc. It was a treat I enjoyed!

On our way home, mom was driving along Lakandula st. near Holy Angel University at a speed below 20 kph - made a signal for a left turn
and while making the turn, a motorbike zoomed over the my mom's side (driver's side)! Everything went so fast, all I heard was the bump of the car and saw the spark of the bike as it pressed granite and landed on the other side of the road near the poste. Shocked of the incident, mom was able to park at South Star Drug and we went to see the driver.
We went near and unfortunately he had a passenger with him who had bruises and found out later he had minor bone fracture.
The bike had no plate yet. Here were their offenses: they were not wearing helmets, both drunk, driving on the wrong lane, and no drivers licence!  We couldn't even find him during investigation, hit and run pa. hmp!

There were so many usiseros, I was thinking where the heck they'd come from knowing that this part of the street was suppose to be dead by that time. Some were staring and others made comments on what to do like "bring to the nearest hospital", (Hello? We know that we just don't know where).

Out of the crowd this student came to us in our surprise, named Dominic, with medicine in his hands. No body told him to do this, it was out of his own will! (I don't have a decent picture of him, we failed to take a selfie. lol) Him and his friend stayed with us until we head for the hospital. Such a rare find. Noble character. Who would have thought of doing that? 

My mom being a nursing graduate tried to heal the other man's wounds (the one in angkas), he's the one wearing maong pants named Danilo. (Look at my mom's calm face.) 
Danilo happened to have this eerie chest pains and was rushed to the public hospital. I was amazed on how fast the med team responded. I was impressed with their equipment, not bad for a public hospital. You rock ONA!
**We were suppose to drive him there but people noticed our tire was so flat.
Calling the ambulance became easy because we had PO2 Egloria and PO3 Jimenez on site, thanks to Dominic's friend Pao-pao. You see I have doubts working with PNP. I don't really trust their capability to help. I base that from my experiences on organizing events in other regions, 70% indirectly ask for bribe. Sooo frustrating! But that night changed everything! (article about PNP Angeles to follow)
AngeleƱos helping out at around 2am-ish. (Pao-pao is the one with the yellow bag, its the only photo I have of him)
It was about 1am already. We went to the hospital- fixed the flat tire- completed the report statement at the city hall- all in one night.  Mom and I were helpless, dad was in Singapore and he was suppose to be our superman. We were both ladies and our connections were very thin compared to his. But remembering again that "all things work together for the good" is proven. I saw God's visibility all through out. We thank Him for the people he led to us in this scene. He did not leave us hanging. HE PROVED THAT HE WAS OUR SUPERMAN.

We went home talking about God's fervent goodness. Everything was just so amazing! Now as the case unfolds we continuously see progress on every angle which I want to share on a different post. There's just so many stories worth telling! We were totally hit by surprise.


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