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What a Total "Turn Off"!

Man: "Now that I know more about you, I realized you are such a turn off"
Woman: (ouch) Ever had this kind of conversation? Not a good one people. It's either: he's a real friend to be this frank or he's a suitor that withdraws to pursue you and he's just mean to hurt you. (harsh)
I came pondering on this exchange made a few days ago, trying to look at it in a different angle.
Then (ting! insert light bulb emoji here) I came up to this premise..."What if Jesus was human like us? Would he still take the cross? Would he still choose me?"
Hey, I know he's 100% human and 100% God. But what if we cross out the immortal part for a moment and focus on being human. Here's some points I figured:
1. His forgiveness meter would probably be low. (He'd totally be turned off on our filthy sins, dirty minds, proud hearts, polluted mouths and derailed dark past.)
2. He'd be weak to carry the cross on his own.
3. He'd give up on loving us, if h…

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