This Girl Got Guts: Meet Rachel

A love story 14 years in the WAITING (gulp) is what you find in
Genesis 29.

It's the story of how Jacob, son of Isaac, met Rachel, son of Laban brother of Sarah. The moment Jacob saw his future wife he saw him tending the flock of sheep. Her occupation was a shepherdess (see v.9). Having an all men set-up in this period (I suppose) I'm sure Rachel stood out in the crowd!
Illustration by: Domenica Zara Queen
Whenever there is an image of a sheep in the bible it speaks of 'disciples', 'the body of Christ', 'the Church'. Just like what Jesus told Peter in John 21: 15-17:
"Feed my lambs"
"Tend my sheep"
"Feed my sheep"

Rachel being a shepherdess has depth for me. It tells me 3 challenging character traits:
  1. Selfless. A woman's maturity will show on the way she leads. Read verse 7 and see the setting of the scene- it was HIGH DAY. Most women would rather stay indoors and do something else which is to rest. But where do you find Rachel? Outside. Working. Thinking about her flock. 
  2. Consistent. She was faithful on a task given to her. She was consistent on her daily duty which is to feed and take care of the herd. She became a good steward. 
  3. Strong. What gave me a "WOW" here was the fact that she was doing a man's job. Who says the women of the 21st century are the only ones who went outside the social box? Well.. well.. She's the 1st entry! This is so empowering! Captivating strength maybe one factor why Jacob fell in love w/ her.
She had an older sister, Leah, who was beautiful in one thing (just her eyes). But Rachel was beautiful in form and appearance- everything! Aside from her gorgeous physique these 3 element made her more beautiful (see v.17).
Illustration by: Domenica Zara Queen

  1. Write the things that God entrusts you to with = talent, friends, church, community, family
  2. Think of creative ways on how they'll feel you are taking care of them. Get out of the box and be consistent.


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