"I think it won't work between us"

A "good morning" from him is the first text  you see on your phone everyday.
He's outside waiting for you, wondering why'd you always extend hours at work, but he'll stay anyways just to make sure you get home safely tonight.
He adores everything about you that's why he makes himself attentive to every single word you say, making sure he doesn't miss a thing.
He puts it in a special reminder box in his head of the little things that makes you happy, sad, angry, and excited.
You feel he cares for you and that gives your heart a blush.
You feel very important beside him.
No doubt you're attracted to him. You can't pretend you're not interested because you entertain him in your system.
You make him laugh and his eyes glow in just a thought of you. Well, day by day he comes to realize he wants you to be his wife.
Oh yeah you heard that right! Did I just say "wife"?
Welcome FOREVER!?
You then ask yourself. And then later realize you're not yet ready. Why'd even tried investing time?
You tell him it won't work out. His heart crumbles. All his hopes gone. You just dumped a good friend.

See how dangerous a woman's charm can deceive a man's heart? tsk... tsk.. deadly.
I imagine this exact scenario with Jesus...him as the suitor and me as the apple of his eyes. He waits for me to get up in the morning, wondering if I'd be able to see his 'good morning' greeting- the beautiful ray of sun beaming from the window..
Not being able to see that, he tried to paint the sunset more beautiful today than yesterday so that I'd notice it after work.
The list goes on and on and on. His creativity never fails. His strength to pursue me never gives up... never gets tired. 
Honestly, I have grown cold. I can actually give myself 'the most numb heart award'.
Oh  just imagine how hard it is on His end- being rejected daily by the one He loves.
Again I say, see how dangerous a woman's charm can deceive a man's heart? deadly... Deadly that it literally led Jesus on the cross of Calvary. Think about this, nobody in humanity can match this selfless expression! And after all the hurts he's been carrying he declared "It is finished!" Proof that it is really finished? Review the bible, He resurrected after 3 days. From death to life. It's mind-blowing!


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