Journal Review: 2011

Notes from one of those women in faith that totally encouraged me, Ate Sara Habacon. This was shared during our 2011 youth camp "Soar High".

Passage: Isaiah 40: 29-31
1. There's a beauty in the word called 'waiting'. When we 'rush' we can accomplish things but not necessarily soar high.
What does waiting means? It takes humility to wait. You have to stop struggling, just rest in His presence. The secret place is in the heart of God. Its not enough just to be in the church.
2. Soar and not grow weary. If you want to soar high, you have to soar low.

Points from Luke 9
a. deny yourself daily
b. take-up your cross daily
Why? Mahihirapan si J.C pumasok sa heart mo.
Its not easy to follow Jesus, but its worth it. Christianity is not for the faint of heart, feeble minds.
What possess you?
Its impossible to pursue Jesus without him asking you to lay down or give-up something.

Here are random things I heard from her talk:
  • "Your heart must always be filled with the love of God in order to love others as well."
  • "The knowledge of God is more important than this world's knowledge."
  • "You can't seek God casually- on your spare time only."
  • "Don't squander God's destiny for you. Be a life ready to be a vessel."


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