Commit to One

To those who don't know me, I am a type of person who is actively engaged with A LOT of things! It is innate in me to get connected with people and because of that I have commitments with different groups like our community theater, street children program, sideline production rackets, work, family, etc. I follow and adore women who multitask and wear different hats all at once.

Struggle #1. As I train myself in that footstep I found myself frustrated of failing my own competition. I'm such a mess now. I feel like I'm such a failure in almost everything I get into!

Struggle #2. I'm having this psycho thoughts that some people around me thinks I'm undependable and unreliable. (What the heck is happening to me? I'm not like this before!)

Struggle #3. I have an idea on how to get out of this trap but I'm not taking any action at all! (Hello to me and my arrogant- procrastinating side. urrggh!)

(Teacher comes in)
I like how Solomon sums it up:
"Commit to the Lord WHATEVER you do, and your plans will succeed." Prov.16:3
It doesn't say 'your plans will succeed if you commit whatever you do to the Lord'. Because it's not about 'you' in the first place, He wants Him to be the FIRST in every endeavor you and I partake.
Today I am compelled to commit to commit to One. (haha! redundant)
I've been struggling to perfect myself by my own strength. Relied in my own abilities to sort of 'overcome'. It's difficult to keep up with the standard of the world.

Today's correction will definitely change my perspective of using my time wisely.
Help me God!


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